"I always thought if lived by the "Golden Rule",  gave 100% service to my clients and broker, made sure my paperwork was just as it should be, and all of the other things we do each day to conduct ourselves in a professional manner, I would always be ok.  I learned this past week that is not always the case.  And I also learned another important lesson.  As a real estate agent, the brokerage where we work is the most important decision we make for ourselves and the clients we represent.  "Why Choose WebPro Realty" we ask on our WebPro Realty website?   The number one reason --Knowledgeable, caring owners/brokers who "have your back" when you need them.  Need I Say More!"

JoyBrowne, e-Pro, CDPE

WebPro Realty

"We moved to WebPro several years ago and are glad we did. The commission split is amazing; we keep a lot more of our commission dollars than ever before. But, aside from that, training is on-going and reaches to all areas of real estate; the accessibility of brokerage help and answering questions is very reassuring; and WebPro's continued development to access to the internet for seller exposure and buyer assistance is ever increasing. Ethical positions and contract legalities from our Brokers and Owners are superb. After being at WebPro Realty, LLC for 5 years we can't imagine being anywhere else! Being at WebPro makes "cents."
Jerry & Janet Wilkerson, Realtors

"How did I know I made the right choice to join the Webpro Team?  The answer was right in my first commission check!  No hidden fees, commission splits, or unknown percentages going out that use to make my earnings look unbalanced.  Besides having a great support staff, great resources, and great incentives it is comforting to know that Webpro cares about their Agents.  I enjoy working hard and enjoy making my clients know that Webpro Walks the Walk and Talks the Talk!"

Richard Hargrove

 Webpro Realty