Meet Our Brokers: The Foundation of Harper Realty FL

At the heart of Harper Realty FL’s success are our esteemed brokers, Robert F. Harper, III, and Sean Harper. With a legacy deeply rooted in Central Florida, especially in Lakeland and Polk County, Robert brings over 40 years of unparalleled experience and a profound commitment to community development. His vision has shaped not only the landscapes he’s worked with but also the fabric of the real estate industry in Florida.

Sean Harper, following in his father’s footsteps, combines his passion for real estate with innovative strategies and a dedication to ethical service. Born into the world of real estate, Sean’s upbringing was imbued with the values of hard work, integrity, and community service, which he upholds in every transaction and relationship.

Together, they embody the spirit of Harper Realty FL— a brokerage built on the pillars of community, culture, and collaboration. Their leadership not only drives our mission forward but also fosters a nurturing environment for both clients and agents, ensuring that everyone who partners with Harper Realty FL feels like part of the family.

Robert F. Harper, III: Pioneering Leadership with a Vision

Robert F. Harper, III, is a cornerstone of real estate in Central Florida, boasting a remarkable career that spans over four decades. Born into the vibrant community of Lakeland, Florida, Robert’s path from an aspiring electrical engineer to a distinguished leader in real estate showcases his relentless drive, innovative thinking, and deep commitment to community enrichment.

His educational journey through Carson Newman College, Florida Southern College, and the University of South Florida laid the groundwork for a prolific career, drawing him back to his Lakeland roots to establish a lasting legacy. Robert’s entrepreneurial spirit found its true calling in the land, leading him to notable achievements in ranching, grove ownership, and real estate development.

At the helm of Harper Realty FL, Robert has woven a culture of community, culture, and collaboration into the brokerage’s fabric, guiding its growth into a respected entity known for integrity and excellence. His leadership has not only propelled Harper Realty FL forward but has also made a significant mark on the Central Florida real estate scene.

Beyond his professional successes, Robert is a steadfast community advocate, involved in pivotal projects like the Polk County’s Lakeland Highlands Comprehensive Development Plan and the Governor’s Green Swamp Study Committee. His journey is a rich tapestry of professional accolades, personal dedication, and a guiding faith that has navigated him through life’s many challenges.

In Robert F. Harper, III, Harper Realty FL cherishes not just a broker, but a visionary leader whose legacy continues to inspire and impact Central Florida’s real estate landscape.

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Sean Harper: Innovating Real Estate with Heart and Expertise

Sean Harper represents the next generation of leadership at Harper Realty FL, bringing a fresh perspective to the real estate industry while staying true to the values instilled by his father, Robert F. Harper, III. Born and raised in the heart of Lakeland, Florida, Sean’s journey in real estate was influenced by a childhood surrounded by the ins and outs of the business, learning the importance of hard work, integrity, and community service from an early age.

With over 35 years of experience in the industry, Sean has honed his expertise in real estate and construction, leading Harper Realty FL, Harper Little Construction Mgmt / Harper Homes, and Left Hand Concrete Solutions. His approach blends traditional values with innovative strategies, ensuring that both clients and agents benefit from a brokerage that prioritizes ethical service, professional growth, and community involvement.

Sean’s leadership style is characterized by his commitment to fostering a supportive environment that encourages success through collaboration. He values the personal growth of his agents as much as their professional achievements, creating a culture where everyone is considered family. Under his direction, Harper Realty FL has flourished, offering unparalleled opportunities for agents and delivering exceptional service to clients.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Sean is deeply rooted in his community, contributing his time and expertise to various boards and associations. His dedication has been recognized with numerous awards, underscoring his impact on the industry and the local area.

Sean Harper’s vision for Harper Realty FL is clear: to continue building a brokerage that is not only successful in the competitive real estate market but also remains committed to making a positive difference in the lives of those it serves. He invites you to join Harper Realty FL in shaping the future of real estate in Central Florida.